Indoor tiling

Care, comfort and wear are the keywords to making the right choice of covering for your interior. To do that, consider the room’s purpose and the mood you are looking to create. Currently, ceramics have taken off and offer limitless possibilities, in terms of texture, shape and decoration. Furthermore, for a while now, stone is being used inside homes use to cover sections of kitchen or living room wall. Finally, a joy for the feet, pebbles cover the floors of Italian style showers.

You have so many possibilities, all you need to do is imagine…

Titling: an excellent alternative to other materials

Titling and natural stone have undeniable qualities compared to parquet floor and fitted carpet : unalterable, easy to maintain and hygienic. Moreover, they never get damaged with light and are very resisting to chemical (cleaning products) or mechanical (scratches and bumps) attacks. Ceramics and stone are usually used for traditional rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Nowadays, it appears more and more in living areas (living-room or bedrooms), on floors, as well as walls.

Easy maintenance in public spaces

In public spaces, tiling is a smart and economic alternative as it is low-maintenance and wear resistant. It can be found in shops, bars and restaurants, but also on industrial premises and in superstores. It allows allows premises to be customised using a host of textures, appearances and colours. From white industrial tiling to the finely structured surfaces used to decorate the walls of a shop or a spa, you have access to infinite possibilities… Just let your imagination run wild.

Tiling design exceeds the imitated material

Due to the fact that, for a few years now, ingenious and creative designers have moved into the tiling sector, new technology has been developed to create material effects which seem more natural than the real thing.  Currently, you can find “old timber” or “slightly rusted iron” stove tiles, tile formats ranging from muretto to large formats, glass paste mosaics to give your bathroom or kitchen depth and shine, and materials as diverse as stoneware or enamelled terracotta. Even the cement grouting colour is worked to match perfectly with the selected tiles. Finally, stone has made its entrance into modern interiors, bringing a touch of warmth, simply harking back to the walls of the old buildings from where you come from.


  • Apartments, homes, villas, apartment buildings
  • Hotels, holiday lets
  • Spas, Turkish baths, beauty salons
  • Shops and stores (bakery, butcher, florist, etc.)
  • Industrial buildings, Superstores


  • Bathroom (floor, wall, waterproofing)
    – Italian style showers (floor level access with no steps providing easy access, even to the disabled)
    – twinline bathtub system
    – jacuzzi, Turkish bath
    – support creation (shelves, soap holders, tiled washbasin unit, etc.)
    – pebbled floors and walls
    – …
  • Kitchen (floor, wall, waterproofing)
    – scratch resistance
    – spaces between units
    – …
  • Technical rooms
    – laundry room
    – garage
    – cellar
    – …
  • Creations
    – bedroom and sitting room walls
    – wall fountains
    – wellness
    – …
  • Ventilation hole (kitchen)

Outdoor installation


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